Flo Rida – My House Review

This is a project full of high energy, fast paced music that will appeal to both Hip Hop audiances as well as Pop. Only real drawback is that it is simply more of what Flo Rida has been doing his whole career, but if your this good at it, why stop?

The production is all very smooth and will be viable for almost all genres of music. There are a lot of very good beats that fit the formula that Flo Rida works with to help make enjoyable music. It is possible that some may become bored with the fact that he seems to be making different versions of the same track, but with this only being seven tracks long, this is not a viable negative comment.

The lyricism is not complex but it is complicated with its multi syllable schemes that run through the entire project. Flo Rida does well to keep up his fast paced lyrical flow with the ability to keep his high level of multis up without it dropping at all.

The features do a good job of giving some more diversity to this project. The guests bring their own style to thier verses which helps show that Flo Rida can make tracks that are not always the same. The guests all put good effort into thier time on the songs and there are no let downs from any of them.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable listen that has plenty of replay value. Flo Rida does a great job on every song that creates a cohesive and fun listen through of this seven track mini-album. A full project should show growth from Flo Rida but definately needs elements of this project.

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