Tyler, The Creator – Cherry Bomb Review

This is a project filled with classic Tyler style, especially due to the range of content and production. Tyler does very well to balance his madness with more accessible tracks to create a slightly smoother listening experiance, even though this is a far from smooth journey.

The production is diverse with a couple of smooth beats laced with aggressive sounds and noises that make a lot of interesting tracks. While only a handful fall into the category of really aggressive or really smooth, there are a lot of tracks that change the balance between them. Maybe some tracks that aren’t so comfortable for Tyler would show more sides to his image, but he makes a great case for his selection of beat selection.

The lyricism is improving through his career and these tracks are evidence of that. Tyler has improved his wordplay and now his lyrics have meaning and complexity to make them even more enjoyable. It’s possible that he could try and expand his range even further into deeper realms of complexity but these improvements are on the right track to further stardom.

The features are good and show the connections that Tyler is making in the Hip Hop world. Each puts in a good effort and rhymes a great verse that really helps to lift this project. The quality level of the features combined with the A-List names make Tyler a smart man for choosing them.

Overall, this is a good album if you enjoy Tyler and his particular brand of rap, but if not then you may need to warm up to it rather than just enjoying it. However, once warmed to it, The listener is sure to enjoy at least elements of it.

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