Yelawolf – Love Story Review

Yelawolf really opens up personally on this album and it creates a great and cohesive listen through. He may have opened up a touch too much for some who would want to see a more aggressive delivery, but this project may well change their minds if they listen to it the whole way through.

The production is fantastic and fits perfectly with the message Yelawolf is sending on each track. Country music is clearly a big influence in this as a lot of sounds from that genre are used throughout the album. It could be argued that some beats with more traditional Hip Hop sounds would please more Rap listeners but the way the beats here work together is a great feat in itself.

The lyricism is good and helps lend itself towards the imagery that shapes this album. Yelawolf keeps his razor sharp lyrical tongue while crafting the rhymes for this project that weave powerful and emotion filled tapestries. Some might still want that lyrical ability used to create aggression but the way Yelawolf puts this together is fantastic.

The choice to only have one feature, and for that feature to be Eminem, is a good choice as it helps to explain the loose narrative that runs through the album. Eminem is on his track because he puts in a passionate performance to rival Yelawolf and shows that he and Yelawolf have great chemistry and have both been through struggles.

Overall, this is a fantastic yet somber album that is extremely cohesive and a great feat for Yelawolf. His combination of lyricism and emotions while being able to put it in a story telling environment is almost unmatched and this should be a celebrated effort.

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