Nike Metcon 1 Training Shoe Review

This is a great shoe for most forms of exercise, but may be a touch tight for some peoples taste. While it has a great lockdown, it hugs the shoe very tightly and if you have a wide foot, it may be a bit too tight to be comfortable.

The outsole has great traction while being applicable to a range of activities and exercising. The grip runs slightly up the side of the outsole shank to assist in climbing and other similar activities. There is also a touch of the Nike Free technology to allow more flexibility in the forefoot.

Flywire technology is present yet again to help hold the laces in place and keep the shoe close to the foot to prevent loss of energy. There is also a heel loop to assist in getting the shoe on and off as the tight fitting upper may be difficult to put on otherwise.

The materials used allow a lot of breathability. There are also some air holes to allow more air to circulate and to allow the wearer to stop overheating while training.

Overall, this is a great shoe that can be comfortable to wear if you follow the sizing guide. Even when followed, the sizing guide does not take into account if you have a wide foot. If in doubt order a half size larger than normal to be safe without losing a large amount of lockdown.

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