Murs – Have A Nice Life Review

This project is great in every way. Mars has put together a project with at least one track for ny Hip Hop audiance and enough emotional content to really connect with the listener.

The production is excellent and moulds well to the message of each track. All the beats are smooth and cohesive with enough diversity that there is no confusion between the songs. Some more tracks with a lighter energy may have appealed to a more mainstream audiance but Murs does well to stick to what he knows and make some very enjoyable tracks.

The lyricism is good and helps make his imagery more vivid. While it won’t put him in most people’s top five, it all fits together very well and flows seamlessly together. A few more complicated rhymes would not have gone amiss but Murs does a great job putting pen to paper to create some entertaining raps.

The features all do a great job diversifying the project and adding another great touch to the album. Each puts in great effort and does a fantastic job doing what is required on the tracks. A few more features from his label mates or other EP figures may have made some more interesting offerings but the choice to not put them in gives Murs more of a chance to show his own talents.

Overall, this is a fantastic album that Murs has crafted that can be enjoyed by a whole variety of people. Murs has taken another opportunity to show the world why he is an independent powerhouse and he does exactly that.

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