Jim Jones – Miami Vampin Review

This project comes across as confusing and unfocused. Jim Jones does not even come across as the strongest presence on most of the tracks.

The production is good and fits well with the messages of the songs. There is a good variation, with the exception of love songs, of beats to work with and this helps keep the project cohesive and enjoyable. However it is missing more emotional connections to the listener, if that is what your looking for.

The lyricism is enjoyable but won’t put Jim Jones in any complex lyricists books. The way it is structured and the content can be entertaining and Jim has good vocal changes to keep the listener interested. Now Jim Jones can work on improving how complicated his lyrics are to attract a wider audiance.

The features are good and have a huge impact on the mixtape. Each brings a good verse and boosts the tracks they are on to new heights. However they eclipse Jim Jones somewhat and this could cause problems if Jones can’t be the main event on his own project.

Overall, this is an enjoyable mixtape with the flaw that Jim Jones is not the presence he wants to be. He may want to work on bringing his own performance to a higher standard to make sure people know it is his song.

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