Kevin Gates – Murder For Hire Review

This project is very short in comparison to other mixtapes Gates has put out before, but it is extremely cohesive and can be played on repeat without losing its enjoyment. Gates is showing that he can make music that people enjoy, while keeping his own street identity.

The production is excellent and keeps the high energy level that makes the tracks that Gates is his best on. While they have this energy level, each is distinctive enough that they don’t get confused with each other. A few slower tracks may have made a more well rounded project, however this short mixtape is a good reminder of how good Gates’ beat selection is.

The lyricism is good and helps with the imagery that Gates puts in his rhymes. While his lyrics arent overly complex and weaved with layerd devices, his delivery and passion shine through and really boost the impact of the rhymes. Gates may want to look into making his raps a touch more complicated to help attract that audiance of Hip Hop, but he is definately already effective with his current skills.

The choice to only have one feature is a strong one on a project that only has seven tracks. This gives Gates more of an opportunity to show what he can do instead of promote other artists through his mixtape. The feature does do well to put in a good verse and boost the track they are on.

Overall, this is a good mixtape for bursts of energy and for Kevin Gates to show how he is developing as an artist. When he comes out with a studio album, if it contains songs like these, it should be a hit with Hip Hop audiances the world over.

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