Jedi Mind Tricks – The Thief And The Fallen Review

This album has a lot of great moments in it and is all structured to flow easily as a listening experiance. Jedi Mind tricks does well to vary between aggression and emotional content to balance the album out accordingly.

The production is excellent with the instruments sounding more real than the strange robot noises that appear so often in rap these days. Each track is distinctive in its beat which helps show how Jedi Mind Tricks can select production that work well with each song. Maybe a few more songs with a touch more of a pop influence could make Jedi Mind Tricks more of a mainstream influence, but this album has all the atmosphere of a veteran who knows his style and what works well for him.

The lyricism is good and works well with the message on each track. Jedi Mind Tricks works the different techniques into a variety of different flows which are all effective and really build the imagery he is conveying into his music. He may want to try and make his delivery a bit more accessible to the wider audiance as, while it is full of passion, it is a touch more aggressive than some might like.

The features are all good and show how Jedi Mind Tricks can work well with other artists. Each brings a good verse or chorus with them to make the song they are on an effective piece of art. A few more well known features could help put the word out about Jedi Mind Trick’s skills, however the guests on this album are most definately effective.

Overall, this album has a lot of great qualities and a lot of entertainment value. Jedi Mind Tricks should feel good about putting out an album with this level of quality and this album should get more recognition from the Hip Hop community.

One thought on “Jedi Mind Tricks – The Thief And The Fallen Review

  1. Who wrote this review someone’s dad?…..First off you keep saying Jedi mind tricks could do x,y,z……Do you even realize that this is a group?…..Vinnie Paz is the MC and Stoupe is his producer and together they are Jedi mind tricks…..This review was done by some herb who has no clue about hip hop at all…..Go listen to Drake.

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