Nike Air Jordan Seven Retro Review

This is a very comfortable shoe with plenty of support and ventilation, but is definately not designed for damper conditions outdoors. Although this shoe has plenty of history behind it, it is famously worn indoors and can get damaged fairly easily outdoors.

The Upper is supple and allows plenty of foot movement. With a neoprene sock liner to help the shoe hug the foot and stop the shoe rubbing against the wearer. However the upper is made of materials that can become saturated when wet and this can make it less than comfortable.

The outsole is aesthetically pleasing with the gemetric shapes and colours. It has also got a good amount of grip. The heel clip also looks great as another piece of history is attached with the number twenty-three. It is effective at supporting the back of the shoe when moving at pace.

The colourful tongue on the shoe combined with more shapes makes another focal point on this shoe that makes it even more of a historical release. There is also a lot of laces on this shoe so you won’t run short when tying up.

Overall, this is a great shoe for casual wear, but not for any weather conditions but sunny. It is extremely comfortable and turns heads when walking along.

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