Fat Trel – Georgetown Review

This album has a lot of really good moments that are mixed into some average ones to show growth in the rap game. Fat Trel has now worked with almost every kind of rapper now and has taken that experiance to a new level.

The production is good with a good variety of beats for Fat Trel to work with. The changes in tempo as well as structure help make this a cohesive mixtape with a lot of replay value. It is possible that quicker changes between  the backing types could have kept slightly more interest on a whole listen through, but there are very few problems with the production on this.

The lyricism is good and helps to make the imagery much more real to the listener. while every line is not packed with techniques, the passion behind them carries them through to the next batch of lyrical wit. A couple more bars packed with more wordplay, but Fat Trel does a good job with his rhymes.

The features add a lot to the mixtape as there are plenty of them without over powering Trel. They all put in a good amount of effort and have great verses to show for it. Some features further from the rap game could make a few more interesting tracks, but that is the case for a lot of artists out there so it can’t count against Trel too much.

Overall, this is a good mixtape to help promote Fat Trel as a member of MMG and as an individual. Trel has crafted an exceptional piece of work and should carry that momentum forward to an album.

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