Pastor Troy – Crown Royal 6 Review

This mixtape is full of repetitive and unimpressive tracks that just happen to be extremely catchy. Pastor Troy knows how to get a song stuck in the listeners head.

The production is enjoyable but is excessively repetitive. Every track does sound different from one another, but each song gets dull while you listen to the whole thing. A few more ups and downs during the tracks could have made a more interesting listen and kept the listeners attention.

The lyricism is not complex or complicated in any shape or form. It is enjoyable due to delivery and performance which is all part of Pastor Troy’s charm, but the actual wordplay is not what you listen to this for. A boost in lyrical techniques could help make this project more attractive to a wider audiance.

The features are good in breaking up the monotony in Pastor Troy’s formula, Each does not bring anything lyrically better than Troy, but the change in tone helps a lot on the tracks. Some features that would push troy to improve himself would go a long way.

Overall, this project could be enjoyed if your in the mood for it. If your looking for something with substance, there are other projects out there.

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