Locksmith – Lofty Goals Review

This is a good album and has a lot of good moments. Locksmith has a lot of good imagery and personnal content which help give the album a connection to the listener.

The production is excellent and is very smooth throughout and helps make this a cohesive project. The beats sound very modern without losing the sense of the artist. A few more high energy tracks could lead to a more balanced project, however there are no problems with selection here.

The lyricism is good but can come across as basic. While there is a lot of good imagery and a lot of emotions running riot on this album, a few more complicated rhymes would not go amiss. That being said, the raps on this are weaved together well to get the message across.

The features are all good and help make this a great album. Each brings a good effort and breaks up the monotony of only hearing one voice. Maybe a few more singing guests could have balanced the album out a bit more, but the rest of the features all work well together.

Overall, this is a great album and is very entertaining to listen to. Not in the conventional sense, but in the understanding way that hearing a problem makes you think of your own.

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