Vince Staples – Summertime ’06 Review

This album is great as the production does enough for the lyrics to shine through as the focal point. Vince Staples has put together an album that truly showcases his talents instead of being beat heavy as so many projects are.

The production is excellent and works well with Vince Staple’s ability. While some may critiscise it for not having enough in it to make it interesting, it’s simplistic and yet effective to help Vince Staples become famous for being Vince Staples. A couple of beats with more modern taste with more instruments used could help attract a younger audiance, but the selection here is exactly what the project needed.

The lyricism is good and really helps to show the imagery that Vince Staples is so good at. His flow and kaidance are another asset to this album and help make this a great album. Maybe a couple of instances of more complicated lyrical techniques could help bring in a bigger audiance, however Vince does a great job showcasing his talent.

The features all do a good job of diversifying the project. They all bring good efforts and break up the effots of only hearing one voice. A couple of singing features would eliminate autotune from this album, however the choices for the guests have a lot of chemistry and make good tracks.

Overall, this is a good album that relies on Vince to make it great. He comes through and this is highly enjoyable for any listener.

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