Young Dirty Bastard – A Dirty Tomorow Part 2 Review

This project starts off well, however as the mixtape goes on, it becomes less structured and is not as entertaining to listen to. Young Dirty Bastard needs to keep his focus throughout instead of just adding tracks for the sake of it, which is saying something at only eight songs long.

The production is good and works well with the rappers delivery. While they won’t be winning any awards, they are a good canvas to rhyme over and have a good individual feel. However near the end of the mixtape, it becomes more faded and has much less of an impact on the tracks.

The lyricism is average and the delivery in only effective in sections. Young Dirty Bastard appears to be trying to hard to be like his father which becomes apartent as the project draws to a close. For the most part the rhymes are good with entertaining references that make good songs.

Overall, this project is an accurate representation of where Young Dirty Bastard is right now. Eager to move forward but not consistent enough to come into the public eye.

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