Future – Dirty Sprite 2 Review

This album is a good collection of Future’s songs, but there is nothing different about this project compared to past releases. Future does well to keep making entertaining music, but he is not pushing any musical envelopes.

The production is enjoyable but has a lot of similar elements in each track. While each song does have the right energy and atmosphere to match what Future is rapping about, it can seem extremely similar from song to song. A bit more diversity would not go a mis here and show that Future can work outside his comfort zone.

The lyricism is not complex but does seem to be improving from previous efforts. Future seems to be using some more techniques to enhance his rhymes and make them have more impact. A few more complicated examples of wordplay could improve the album, however the leaps Future makes here are noticeable and make this improved enough.

The choice to have one feature here is certainly a different one from what a lot of well known artists are doing in recent times. The feature puts in a good effort and helps boost the album up. However it does give more opportunity for Future to showcase his skills.

Overall, this is a good album that is fun to listen to and does not try to be more than it is. Future has put together an album that fans can enjoy and could widen his audiance further.

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