Chris Webby – Jamo Neat Review

This album is very cohesive and flows through with no breaks, which is good as it is only ten tracks. Chris Webby sticks with one producer and thier chemistry really works in his favour.

The production is excellent as it does not jar and is smooth enough for thier not to be an issue with the beats. SAP does a great job cragfting the beats for this as they all work beautifully in Chris Webby’s fabour. Maybe a track or two with a beat that doesn’t follow this formula could show more of a balance, however the selection on here works well.

The lyricism is excellent with Chris Webby using a range of skills for his descriptions to come to life. He mainly uses a lot of metaphors and similies but does utilise a lot of other techniques as well. It is possible that a more varied flow on some tracks could show more of a complete range of skills, but you can’t really fault his lyricism.

The features add a lot to this project as they either have good chemistry with Chris or are singing to add more depth. They all bring good effort to thier tracks and the guests help elevate the project up to a higher level. Some more well known features could help bring this to a wider audiance, however the choices for this album cause no problems.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album to listen to. It is short, cohesive and a milestone for Chris Webby.

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