Sway – Deliverence Review

This album can be hard to get into at first, but has a lot of great moments that make this a great listen. Sway uses a lot of variation in his songs to keep this fresh while you listen through.

The production is excellent and has a beat for every situation. There is a lot of diversity in the listen through, from the high energy to the personally emotional. There are no issues with the selection here as Sway does a great job utilising what he has chosen.

The lyricism is good and enjoyable. While Sway does slow down for some of the more intimate moments, this is very fast paced which can make some of the rhymes difficult to decipher. However once caught, the rhymes are great, helping to make this album as good as it is.

The features are great with a good balance of guests who rap and sing. Each brings in a lot of effort and fit perfectly with the role Sway has provided. The guests on this are well thought out and have no real issues with the project.

Overall, this project is great to listen to as well as select the songs you prefer for a playlist. Sway is representing the UK pretty hard and coming up with another great album to grow the grime scene.

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