Wiley – #8 Review

This album is cohesive and enjoyable while showing that Wiley is not taking any chances on this one. He usilises his talents well while backing it up with passion.

The production is really bouncy with a lot of energy that transfers through to the listener. There are a lot of unusual sounds used to make some really interesting beats that compliment Wiley’s style. Maybe some slower backings could show that Wiley can work with more of a range, but at only eight tracks, Wiley keeps this cohesive.

The lyricism is good and flows through very easily and with a lot of entertainment value. Wiley uses a lot of different techniques with his obvious passion for the craft to great effect on every song. Some more emotional content could show that Wiley can handle all topics but with this short project in mind, he has chosen an album that would be interested to the masses.

The features do a good job of supporting Wiley while showing thier own skills. Each has a great verse that shows a lot of talent while pushing Wiley to take his rhymes to a higher level. A singing guest could add another dimension to the project, however WIley has chosen to show what he can do with a chorus.

Overall, this is a project filled with single type songs that run together to show that Wiley is still on top of the Grime game. A great step by Wiley.

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