Obie Trice – The Hangover Review

This album has some enjoyable moments, but the whole project does not come across as cohesive. Obie makes some fun tracks and some harder emotional songs, but they seem thrown together and unstructured.

The production is smooth with not many mis-steps which brings a lot of room to manouvre when it comes to content. There is a good range of beats, but with a lot of trap based underlying most of it. A few more experimental backings could show that Obie Trice is willing to try new things, however he knows what he sounds good over and has chosen to stick with it.

The lyricism is good and does add to the listening experiance. Obie does well with his descriptive abilities to really improve his imagery. Some more attempts at some more complicated and complex wordplay could help Obie to entice a wider audiance, however Obie Trice does deliver the rhymes so that they have a big impact on the listener.

The features do a good job of fleshing out this project with other opinions and views. Each brings in good effort to raise thier own profile as well as competing with Obie Trice for the best on the track. Some more singing guests as well as some from other genres could make some more interesting moments, however the selection here does add entertainment value.

Overall, this is an enjoyable project that has some replay value but it does not have enough star power to break into a real milestone for the rap game. Obie has made a good project, but not a great one.

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