Public Enemy – Man Plans God Laughs Review

This album is short but is not cohesive as one would hope. Each of the songs is largely instrumental and Flavour Flav is barely present.

The production is great and is very enjoyable. There is a lot of energy in these beats that really pump up the listener. A few more lyrics over sections of the backings would make some more enjoyable tracks, but the actual production is really amazing.

The lyricism is not complex or complicated, however it is impactful and has a great message for the listeners. Chuck D does a great job of using the message to make the rhymes stick with the listener. It would be nice to see more raps in the tracks instead of the open instrumental sections, but What is said is entertaining and thought provoking.

Overall, this is a good collection of tracks but it does not have the feeling of being an album. Public Enemy keep with thier mission of bringing politics to thier listeners and that comes across on this album.

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