Bars And Melody – 143 Review

This album shows a good understanding of how to make a pop song with rap in it, but also shows that rap can be harder to do than singing. A good debut with room to move forward.

The production is very eclectic and energised to carry it forward while giving space for the lyrics. There is a huge pop influence over the vast majority of these tracks as that is the target audiance and makes each song seem like a single. A few grittier beats could bring in another audiance, however Bars And Melody know thier audiance and what they work well with to great effect.

The lyricism is not complex but usually has an underlying message to appeal to the masses. The rhymes as well as the singing get the point home but are not flawless in execution. With age, the performances from both artists will improve and allow the lyrics to hit harder with more force behind them.

Overall, this album, especially with the acoustic versions of two of thier songs on the end, shows a lot of raw talent that may need some shaping and refining to become perfect. However this is a solid foundation to kick off from, and it is positively fantastic if thier age is taken into account.

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