Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable Review

This album has a lot of good elements but lacks ddirection in a few places, which does at least follow the title of the project. Andy shows that he knows how to rap, but he may need ot pick a more specialised area to rap about.

The production is good as it is not trying to be gim and street savvy, which would not fit Andy’s style. Instead they are flowing and smooth beats that allow Andy to be as jarring as he wishes. Maybe a few different types of beat could show that Andy is willing to explore, but Andy shows that he can perform solidly over what is clearly his comfort zone.

The lyricism is interesting as it shows that Andy can vary his styles and flow to make his rhymes impact in different ways. He uses a range of techniques and speeds of delivery to keep his songs appealing to the listeners. There are no issues with his lyrical ability except the content may not appeal to everyone.

The features are useful and help keep the album uplifted. Each brings in the effort and passion needed to be effective on the songs. A few more features that are different from Andy could make some great moments, but his selection on this is complimentary of the tracks messages.

Overall, this is a good milestone for Andy Mineo as a point to kick off his career in the public eye. Everything Andy does works well and it will be interesting to see where he goes from now.

Apolla Brown – Grandeur Review

This album is a great listen through for a more settled down scene that is filled with passion. Apollo provides a great backing that never overpowers the rhymes and chooses those who fit in with his style very well.

The production is smooth and captures the essence of the song perfectly. Most seem to have a more old school feel as they dont rely on alien noises to make them appealing to the young generation. They are more substantial and soothing than that. Apolla puts across his beats well, with enough variation to show he is not stuck to one formula.

The features are good and reflect the style Apollo puts across very well. Each brings a lot of effort and pride with thier rhymes to make the tracks they are on shine out. A lot of them have worked with Apollo before and that shows in the chemistry of thier songs. There are no real issues with the guest selection on here, but Apollo may want to look into people further away from the genre to create even more of a buzz.

Overall, this is a great listen and a fantastic showcase for Apollo Brown’s beats. The way his backings works combined with the selected features molds an album that works well for everyone involved.

Big Grams – Big Grams Review

This project is great as it brings a lot of different aspects to the table. Big Boi bringing his veteran status while Phantogram utilise thie great production and vocals to swirl into a lot of great moments.

The production is amazing with a lot of unique sounds and patterns to show that both Phantogram can play instruments as well as craft a smooth sound. the beats are refreshing with the use of conventional instruments instead of machines that help lift the project to new hieghts.

The lyricism is good with Big Boi doing his thing, and doing it well, while Phantogram use thier singing to add another dimension to the songs. The combination of rapping and singing blends together to make tracks that everyone can enjoy.

The features are good and help bring Phantogram’s skills further into the rap game. While Run The Jewels use thier rhymes to add more layers to thier tracks and Skrillex brings his unique backing to show what they can do over the top. For the length of project, this level of guests is perfect.

Overall, this is a good project for Hip Hop and a great project for Big Grams. This is a good landmark for Big Boi and it helps to put Phantogram on the map for rappers.

Casey Veggies – Live And Grow Review

This is a great album as it is laid back while being upbeat enough to stay interesting. Casey Veggies makes an interesting set of tracks that will appeal to a lot of listeners.

The production is great with many dimensions that make each track very enthralling. The beats have a wessst coast feel but with a few more intricate parts to keep the interest up. There are no problems with the selection on this project, but Casey may want to try some different backings in the future to show he can work with more of a variety.

The lyricism is good and makes the verses stand out. Casey Veggies uses a range of lyrical devices to keep his rhymes interesting while showing how he has grown in the industry. Again, there are no real issues with this but some experimentation with flows could show how Casey is still looking to grow further.

The features do a good job of showing how Casey works with others, which all works very well. Each guest has a good verse and makes this much more cohesive as a project. Some features that sing or that are from a different genre could make some more exciting moments, but Casey picked some good poeple to be on this album.

Overall, this album is great to listen to, has plenty of replay value and is a good showcase for Casey Veggies. He is a talented artist with a bright future.

Fetty Wap – Fetty Wap Review

This album is a collection of songs that have a base in Hip Hop but with plenty of pop influence. Fetty Wap has made an album with rap content but that a lot of audiances can enjoy.

The production is very enthralling, using a very high level of energy to keep the listener pumped up. A lot of the beats posess the same properties that can make them seem similar but there are subtle differences that mean they dont get stale to listen through. Some more attempts at different styles of rap could show that Fetty Wap has a more well rounded potential, but as his career is just taking off, it is fair to assume that he may grow into different areas later.

The lyricism is good and helps to keep the purer Hip Hop listeners interested. Fetty uses a select range of techniques to keep his imagery sharp, but he relies mostly on his delivery which is unfortunately autotune tainted. While this is good in portions, it can dull the impact of the words over this long project, at twenty tracks.

The features do a good job but don’t do enough to stand out from Fetty Wap as he overrides every song. Fetty does not seem to have a very deep bench despite bing a great feature to have. He only has two features, one who appears nine times over the twenty tracks. They do an alright job but it is difficult to seperate them from the main artist.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album but is not a pure to Hip Hop. if you like a pop influence with some street content, this is the perfect project for you however.

Drake And Future – What A Time To Be Alive Review

This mixtape is a bizarre mix of elements from both artists. However it is not necesserily the best parts of each rapper that gets blended.

The production is good, but can become repetitive and stale. The beats are not quite diverse enough to stand out from each other on a full listen through, which means the rhymes are relied on to carry the whole project. Diversity could be the key to replay ability.

The lyricism is good from Drake but the same old Future we always get. While he does not exactly slack, Future seems to be happy where he is, which is cranking out the same sort of music he always does. Drake seems to be pushing himself more since his recent diss tracks. A bit more drive to be better than the rest of the new generation could lead to further improvements.

Overall, this project shows that Drake is trying to improve while Future knows what will sell without drive and effort. An enjoyable mixtape for a while but not a lot of longevity.

Nike Basketball Lebron Soldier Nine Shoe Review

This shoe is fantastically comfortable and has plenty of features to secure your foot inside the shoe. The use of the technologies is great with a wider audiance due to the Flyease technology.

Flyease is the latest development due to a message recieved from a young person with physical limitations. He asked for a shoe that was easierr to get on and off and that would be secure. Nike have then opened the sides up more on the shoe and added additional foot straps so that the foot is easier to get into and out of the shoe, while the straps mean you can tighten different parts of the shoe to your perfect level of comfort.

The outline design is similar to the previous model, minus the strapping, but with a small hyperposite like shape up the outside for additional stability. The toe box is pretty fluid allowing for plenty of flexibility but be careful if you like to keep your shoes pristine as the sheen across the front will flake off easily if you catch it on anything.

The laces help lockdown the mid section of the shoe and the straps hold down the rest. The outsole has good traction and helps propel the wearer forward.

Overall, this is a great shoe for all to wear, but is especially relevant to those who may find your typical shoe difficult to wear. Well done to Nike for expanding thier audiance.