Scarface – Deeply Rooted Review

This is a great album that shows a lot of depth from one of Hip Hop’s veterans. Scarface does a great job of showing many sides of the rap game and shows how the community has moved forward.

The production is fantastic and compliments Scarface style very well. Each beat is individual without being harsh in the transitions. Maybe some beats with a more modern feel could show that Scarface can work with how the culture has moved, but Scarface makes a point that some of the old school is where Hip Hop flourished and is where he operates at his best.

The lyricism may not be fast flowing but it is crafted extremely well with Scarface putting together rhymes that speak to the listener with a lot of impact. His slower than the modern average raps mean that on first hearing the words, the listener feels the full force of the words as well as every time after that. Maybe more of a variety in his flow could show that Scarface can bring more to the table, but there is no doubt that Scarface knows what works for him.

The features all bring a fresh take on the song they are on. The guests all bring a lot of effort to thier verses which helps thier talents stand out as well as boost Scarface’s work. A feature or two from further afield could make a few interesting moments, but Scarface has a great range of people on this that adds a lot of flavour.

Overall, this is a great album to listen through with a lot of great tracks and features. Scarface has made a great album that older listeners can enjoy and younger people can learn from.

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