Guilty Simpson – Detroit’s Son Review

This album is an unfortunate combination of low vocal tones and over bearing backing beats that can make this difficult to hear. Guilty Simpson does a good job but needed to be stronger over the background.

The production is good and has plenty going on for it to stand on its own two feet. There is plenty of layers to make it powerful and heavy hitting. The beats came across as overpowering however, which makes Guilty Simpson become more of a background item on the project. Making the backing more in the background would make this a more enjoyable listen.

The lyricism is enjoyable without being too complex it goes over heads. Guilty uses his signiture tone of voice to make his rhymes have more impact while putting across his points. With plenty of punch behind them, Guilty Simpson has good rhymes, but needed to be more at the forefront of his tracks.

The features bring a lot of extra dimensions to thier tracks by adding depth and additional voices. They each put in a great deal of effort that helps showcase thier talents. Some more features with more singing talent or from further from the rap game could have made some more enjoyable moments but the people on this project do a good job helping out the main artist.

Overall, This album is enjoyable to listen to if you can seek out Guilty Simpson’s rhymes from the beats that simply ride over the top. If you can do that, you willlove this album.

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