Chief Keef – Bang Three Part Two Review

If you love repetition, you will love this album. If you were expecting something different from Keef or something that doesn’t sound formulaic, then you have chosen wrong.

The production is loud and sills the space on the track, but comes across mostly as noise. The backing is very much just sounds to fill the space where Keef is not saying anything. Trying something fresh and something that doesn’t sound like it was created by numbers could show growth in his music making.

The lyricism is straight forward with only a few moments of greater things. There is a lot of empty space on these tracks hat Keef could have filled with more lyrical techniques to beef up his own showcase. An attempt to improve his rap skills may spurt him on to greater things.

The choice to have only one feature means that Chief Keef can put in more of his own rhymes. However this choice does mean that He needs to actually show how good he is instead of just putting almost anything in. Lil B does do a good job on his guest spot however.

Overall, this is a poor album that is only enjooyable if you absolutely loved the first part. Chief Keef needs to move on and try to bring something new to his performance.

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