Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable Review

This album has a lot of good elements but lacks ddirection in a few places, which does at least follow the title of the project. Andy shows that he knows how to rap, but he may need ot pick a more specialised area to rap about.

The production is good as it is not trying to be gim and street savvy, which would not fit Andy’s style. Instead they are flowing and smooth beats that allow Andy to be as jarring as he wishes. Maybe a few different types of beat could show that Andy is willing to explore, but Andy shows that he can perform solidly over what is clearly his comfort zone.

The lyricism is interesting as it shows that Andy can vary his styles and flow to make his rhymes impact in different ways. He uses a range of techniques and speeds of delivery to keep his songs appealing to the listeners. There are no issues with his lyrical ability except the content may not appeal to everyone.

The features are useful and help keep the album uplifted. Each brings in the effort and passion needed to be effective on the songs. A few more features that are different from Andy could make some great moments, but his selection on this is complimentary of the tracks messages.

Overall, this is a good milestone for Andy Mineo as a point to kick off his career in the public eye. Everything Andy does works well and it will be interesting to see where he goes from now.

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