Blended Babies – The Anderson .Paak – EP Review

This short four track EP shows the skill of both the Blended Babies and Anderson .Paak. Both do thier parts extremely well and helps to make a very cohesive project.

The production is very smooth and is very easy to listen to again and again. The beats all work together cohesively without running together and merging. There are no issues with the backings on this and it will be interesting to see how they carry this experiance forward.

The lyricism is good but is not intended to bring in the pure lyricists. The lyrics are powerful and speak to the listener. Maybe some more people withg more rap styles on the next project could make some more interesting moments, but the lyrics on here work well.

Having the few features on here as well as Anderson did create some better and more Hip Hop moments. Each does a good job at what they are doing and helps make this project even more cohesive. On thier next project, maybe they will fill it with more rap personalities.

Overall, this EP shows what the Blended babies can do as well as Anderson .Paak. They should both take this forward to thier next bodies of work.

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