Blacks – Sick individual 3 Review

This is another grime project with the same treaded paths as everyone else. Blacks may need to step further from the blueprint to stand out from the crowd.

The production has a lot going on behind Blacks rhymes which can be overwhelming to the performance. Blacks has chosen beats that mean his shouting and aggressive delivery is necessery to be heard. He may want to show a softer side if he wwants universal recognition.

The lyricism is somewhat repetitive and is simple. There are no overly complicated schemes or techniques and is mostly delivery based. He will want to beef up his bars if he wants ot become a real force in grime.

The features do bring some colour to this project but are in the same vein as Blacks, meaning it does not contrast well. Each has the passion behind it but is just doing more of what Blacks does without even putting thier own spin on it.

Overall, this is enjoyable if you want energetic music to pump to, but if you want substance then this is not for you. Blacks has a way to go before he is in the elite.

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