Mark Battles – Numb Review

This project is great for lovers of lyricists as well as those of emotionally charged bars. Mark Battles has put together a special album that will appeal to a lot of audiances.

The production is kept to the background and allows Battles to be the centre of attention. Each is diverse and flows easily without becoming a mess and has lots of scope for content. There are no real issues with his selection here, but he may want to try some different types of background in the future.

The lyricism is fantastic. Complex rhymes while making coherant sense run rampant in this and pump life back into the dying world of lyricism. Mark Battles is breathing life back into a dying art and he is doing a great job.

The features help break up the project somewhat, while helping to make the album cohesive as well. Each does a good job bolstering the tracks they are on so that they accentuate Battles skills as well as thier own. Some guests with more mainstream appeal would bring Mark to a bigger audiance.

Overall, this is a great album for Hip Hop lovers as well as pure lyricists. Mark has crafted a personal and entertaining project that everyone should be able to enjoy.

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