Prof – Liability Review

This album is a great show for a lot of people to enjoy with humour as well as bars. Prof blends a lot of different types of rap music together to make a universal project.

The production is something to adjust to, but it is great when you get used to it. At first it is jarring, but actually it works very well with Prof’s flow as well as his quirkyness. Maybe some more beats that appeal to the masses could help bring Prof to the mainstream audiance, but he works well with what he has selected.

The lyricism is good with a lot of performance to enhance what he is saying. Prof uses a range of different techniques to make his lyrics land harder as well as showing his flow and delivery as superior to a lot of todays rappers. There are no issues with his rapping sao far, but it will be interesting to see where he heads with his rhymes next.

The features all do a good job of being comparison points for Prof and he does not slouch when compared. Each guest puts in a lot of effort and helps make the project more cohesive. Some more features could make Prof push himself a bit further but there are no problems with the poeple on this project.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable project from a rapper who brings a fresh creative perspective to the rap game. Prof has done well to craft this and he should carry this forward.

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