Wax – Livin Foul Review

This album is a fantastic merge of Hip Hop and the usage of real instruments. It all sounds so authentic without machines that it is a joy to listen to.

The production is fantastic as it mostly comes across as light hearted and when combined with the lyrical content, blends extremely well together for an album that so many people can enjoy. It will be interesting to see what direction Wax chooses to go with this as this is so cohesive.

The lyrics are great as Wax uses not only his different flow and varied techniques but his singing to add an extra dimension. The best part is that it is not autotuned singing, it shows actual talent and holds his own voice for the whole project. His rhymes are also complex to widen his audiance to the rap purists. There are no problems with how this project has gone.

The features are great as they show that Wax can work well with others. Each brings thier passion to the tracks while showcasing thier own abilities. Maybe some bigger names could bring this to a more mainstream audiance, but that does not appear to be the point of this album.

Overall, Wax has crafted an album that has humour, story telling and emotions while keeping his rhymes crisp and singing for success. Wax should be very happy with how this has turned out as it can only raise his profile.

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