Kirk Knight – Late Knight Special Review

This album has a great throwback feel with a lot of smooth notes that make it easy to listen to. Kirk Knight shows what he is good at over the whole project without any major faults.

The production is smooth with the Pro Era feel we have come to expect form its members. With plenty of old school feel and that almost jazzy feel that makes all this such easy listening. Maybe a change in the formula would show that Kirk can handle more than one type of beat, but he does a great job over what he has chosen on this project.

The lyricism is not the most complex but the delivery and changes in flow make it fairly easy going and entertaining. Kirk uses a lot of different delivery techniques to keepo his rhymes fresh with a touch cleverness and complexity to keep it enjoyable. A few more lyrical devices would not have gone amiss.

The features do a good job of enhancing Kirk’s performance while showing what they are capable of. Each puts thier passion into thier work to make the track they are on more special. Some guests who can sing may make some more interesting moments, but there is no doubt that the people on this do good work.

Overall, this is a laidback album that is a great stepping stone for Kirk Knight. It is as the title indicates and should be treated as such.

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