Redman – Mudface Review

This may not be the groundbreaking album of the year, but it is packed with a whole bunch of new hits that will take people back to a time of lyricism and hard hitting beats. Redman makes an excellent project without compromising his style.

The production is classic hard hitting and exactly what makes Redman excel. Each has a slightly different atmosphere and bounce to it that helps keep the energy flowing throughout this album. Maybe a change up could show that Redman is a more diverse artist than some give him credit for, but this album has a lot of great moments that show that Redman can select beats that work for him.

The lyricism is great, as we have come to expect from Redman. His rhymes are great for his punchlines and wordplay that embellish each track for large amounts of entertainment. There is little that could be improved on this as even his delivery is somewhat unique to him.

The features do a good job of supporting Redman and helping lift him to new hieghts. Each puts a lot of effort into this verse while putting his own spin on the message. They may not be as good as Redman, but they each have thier own individual strengths. Maybe some singing guests could have made a more balanced project, but there are no real problems with the selection on this.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album that will have Redman fans putting this on repeat for a long time. he has crafted an album that will take people back to a different time in Hip Hop and have them reminiscing. 

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