Logic – The Incredible True Story Review

This album sees Logic return with his fast paced and informative flow that shows a great deal of talent. With his ability to pack punches into a song and telling a story along the whole project, Logic is fast becoming a big name in Hip Hop.

The production is good with plenty of uplifting moments to keep the listener in a good mood and enjoying the music. Each song has similar traits but are differentiated by atmosphere and how it grips the listener. Maybe a change up in style could show that Logic can work with a wider vairety of rap music, but Logic works fantastically with what he has selected.

The lyricism is fantastic with Logic lacing every bar with wordplay and schemes. All the tracks have a delivery boost as Logic puts his spin on rap music. His actual rhymes never disappoint and will lead all purists  of lyrical displays to be hugely impressed. There are no problems with how Logic has put across his thought on this one.

The features help to broaden the horizon of the project with more than one voice. Each guest puts plenty of passion and effort into thier parts to help inflate the project to new hieghts and show that Logic works well with others. Maybe a couple more high profile features could have brought more attention to this album, but Logic takes the burden of being the biggest name himself and does a good job.

Overall, this album is a very enjoyable listen that will propel Logic to new hieghts. If he continues on this tradgectory, he is going to be flying high in Hip Hop circles very quickly.

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