Krayzie Bone – Chasing The Devil Review

This album is the tale of the trials and tribulations that will have the listener enthralled. Each song has a different tone and helps tell an incredible story.

The production fits the tone of the album perfectly with dark and fiery beats lacing this project. Each lends itself to the cohesion and theme of this album that has led to this being easier to listen to front to back. With the concept of this album in mind, there are no problems with the backing sleection on this.

The lyricism is great with Krayzie Bone showing the talents that made him a household name with the rap group. His ability to make a great hook helps tie the songs together while his verses get the message across. Maybe some changes in flow could have helped to make some more interesting moments, but Krayzie Bone does not slack on any of these songs.

The features do well to expand the points of view with the theme in mind. Each brings a good verse in and helps to show that it is not only Krayzie Bone who has gone through these struggles. With his own ability to sing, there is a good balance of guest elements on this album.

Overall, this is a great album for fans of Krayzie Bone and the darker side of rap music. If you want something with a pop feel then you are in the wrong place.

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