Sox And Lil Choppa – Right Now Review

This project is a show of mediocre grime with some highlighting moments that show they could be bigger names moving forward. Both the main artists show they have some talent but are not focusing it to be the best.

The production is good with plenty of scope for content exploration. A Class provides a lot of good beats for the duo but does not vary the style very much. More diversity in sounds and patterns could have made some more memorable tracks.

The lyricism is not overly present through the project but there are some cases where they pick up the slack and do some nice rhymes. A lot of this is just postering for the rap fans, but there are some lines where they really put the effort in. Some more consistency would help keep people listening.

The feature is a strange choice at only nine tracks as they could use the time to promote them selves. The guest does do a good job but fades away a bit into the mass of Sox and Lil Choopa shouting thier rhymes. Working with some more people could make the artists grow musically.

Overall, this is not a great showing but it will help get thier name out to more listeners. Sox and Lil Choopa both have room for improvement but they can’t quite be classed as beginners. 

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