Ghetts And Rude Kid – 6 Five III EP Review

This EP does have some shining moments but are not consistent enough across all the tracks to show that the duo are powerhouses in the Grime scene. Both do well, but not quite what is needed to break ot the fornt.

The production is good and there is a good amount of range for only five tracks. Each song has its own atmosphere and is definately individual enough from the others. Some stronger backings that could stand on thier own would be beneficial to Rude Kids abilities.

The lyricism is good and is a focal point of the EP. Ghetts does well to keep his flow lively while putting different devices into his rhymes. Maybe some more changes in his delivery could show he can be even more versatile as an artist but he does a good job on this overall.

Overall, this EP shows what Ghetts and Rude Kid both show thier skills, but the chemistry for the songs can let this down from the listeners perspective. With a bit more work, thier next project could be great.

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