Kid Cudi – Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven Review

You need to be on something to enjoy this album but that is most likely the point. If your completely sober, this is just noice with Cudi barely scraping the surface of what we call music, let alone making a lasting project.

The production is good with some unusual sounds and patterns being used to make some energetic backings that could be used by any number of rappers to great effect. With the use of what sounds like more real instruments rather than computer generated ones, the album actually has a good foundation to build off of. It is just a shame that the rhymes dont reflect that.

The lyricism on this is poor. The rhymes do have varied delivery and flow but without really fitting with the backing and lacking creativity. Some more focus on what he is saying rather than making sure it is different to everyone else could help Kid Cudi really excell as an artist.

Overall, this album has many pitfalls which tend to be in what is being said more than anything else. There is some lyrical repetition but the beats help to give this some positives with thier diversity and bounce.

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