Lizzo – Big GRRRL Small World Review

This album is a step forward as well as a step back for female emcees as Lizzo shows her considerable skill but while not using it to push female emcees into the forefront of Hip Hop. This would have taken it from great to incredible.

The production is fantastic with a lot of energy and bounce that helps make this project listenable. Each song has a similar sound that carries through that helps Lizzo to make a cohesive project. Maybe some slower and more sombre tracks could have made a more balanced project but this is still a great listen.

The lyricism is good to keep purists happy but the delivery and performance really eccentuate the rhymes. While some techniques are used to build up the impact of the raps, the way she puts them across with her aggressive tone really adds to the tracks. Some more lyrical devices would be great but she does well on this project to show what she is capable of.

Overall, this is a fun project that shows what Lizzo is capable of without the need for features to hold it up. Lizzo should be happy with how this project has turned out.

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