Lady Shocker – Queen Of The Pack EP Review

This EP shows that Lady Shocker can be aggressive and put that aggression into her rhymes. She shows she can play tough and not hold back with her bars.

The production is heavy hitting and energetic to go with Lady Shocker’s style. Each song has an individual feel but with the underlying feel of menace. Maybe a softer track could show another side to Lady Shocker, but would go against the theme of the project.

The lyricism is good with Lady Shocker coming with some real bars to put the fear into her male competitors. She uses a variety of techniques to really increase the impact of what she is saying. Her delivery also helps to boost her rhymes but it could be good to see her being more emotional.

The features are good as they show she can work as part of a squad as well as a solo artist. Each of them works well with Lady Shocker and showcases thier own skills  to a wider audiance. Maybe a few more singers could add another dimension to the EP, but with such few tracks, this could have hampered the running theme.

Overall, this EP shows how forward Lady Shocker can be while still being entertaining. Moving forward, Lady Shocker should take this momentum and start expanding her repetoire.

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