Daz And Snoop – Cuzznz Review

This project is a great listen for that throwback feel as well as some classic West Coast feel. Both Snoop and Daz do exactly what made them famous in the first place and make great music from their era.

The production is funky and bouncy which helps give the whole project a fantastic level of energy while keeping the laid back feel that makes the project cohesive. Each song has the same lifting vibes without sounding the same and remaining individual. Maybe some songs with a more diverse feels could make a more complete project but the point of the album is to show the chemistry between two cousins, which it does.

The lyricism is good but not overly complex. Both the main artists show they can be clever with their rhymes without it going over the listeners head which is good for those listening while enjoying a certain substance that is a central theme to Snoop especially.

The features are great as they have the same chemistry as the main artists do. They all help to keep the project cohesive while bringing great attributes to the tracks they are on. Maybe some more varied guests could have made a few more interesting moments, but there is no doubt the selection on here is great.

Overall, this project is fantastic and while some of the songs are recycled, they work well together as a tracklist. Hopefully both Snoop and Daz will keep this momentum going into the next projects they do.

Freeway – Fear Of A Free Planet Review

This album is great as it is thought provoking as well as enjoyable. Freeway exercises his freedom of speech and makes tracks to get the listeners to see his point of view and opinions.

The production is good as it is not overpowering or rough so that the message is clear to shine through. Each beat is individual while being cohesive as a listen through. The skits help to tie together the project as well as they follow the theme also. Maybe some more changes in tempo could have made some more interesting moments, but Freeway has chosen his backings well on this mixtape.

The lyricism is good as Freeway peppers his rhymes with a variety of techniques to improve the impact of his words. Each verse has enough lyrical devices that they do not overpower the message but they do help to stop the songs becoming rants. There are no real issues with what Freeway has done to help enhance what he is saying.

The features are good as they are different enough to Freeway to stand out. They each have great verses on thier own and showcase thier own talents to make sure they are remembered for what they did on these tracks as well. A singer could have added another dimension, but there is nothing wrong with the guest selection on here.

Overall, this mixtape is fantastic as it has several clear points as well as having the entertainment factor. Freeway is trying to shape minds with this and he may well succeed.

Manga Saint Hilare – White Jean Suit Confidence

This project has some good tracks with some skits at the end that show the growth and personnal journey Manga has been on. He can make great Grime music and now needs to show he can do it con

The production is good as it is quite diverse and offers a lot for Manga to work with. Each is individual and won’t get confused with any of the others. While the skits at the end of each song help break it up, it does stop the project being so cohesive.

The lyricism is good with Manga showcasing his skills in a big way. With some good verses and some alright hooks to carry the project through, Manga has given his rhymes plenty of thought and come away with some very effective wordplay. Maybe some changes in flow could show some more variation, but he does a great job on these tracks.

The features are great and are one of the most cohesive elements on here. Each does very well to boost the track they are on and improve this project. Maybe a singer or two could add another dimension but this is still a great listen with these guests.

Overall, this is a great listen to but the skits do not have the longevity that the actual songs do. it is a shame these are attached onto the end of the songs, but it can all still be enjoyed.

K Camp – K.I.S.S 3 Review

This mixtape is great for a slower, personnal listen which is where K Camp excels. He creates some great tracks here that all follow a base formula.

The production is refined and fairly simple and yet is very effective when K Camp is both rapping and crooning over them. The beats don’t use many sounds or effects but leaves plenty of scope for K Camp to explore his song making abilities. Some more energized tracks could show a more complete project creating ability, but K Camp knows where he does his best work and stays right in that comfort zone.

The lyricism is not overly complex but K Camp relies on his ability to rap and sing to Mae these tracks work. His delivery is paramount and his versatility is what makes him valuable on any song. Maybe some more complicated rhymes could show he can do more than sing hooks over simple raps but that is not to say he is not effective.

The features all help to flesh out the tracks with enjoyable verses. They all do a good job while giving a point of comparison to K Camp and showing how good each artist actually is. Some more variation in guests could show a wider reach of influence for K Camp but the selection here is good for only nine tracks.

Overall, this mixtape is a small showing of what K Camp is capable of. His future project as should take this work and expand on it to help make K Camp a more balanced artist.