Manga Saint Hilare – White Jean Suit Confidence

This project has some good tracks with some skits at the end that show the growth and personnal journey Manga has been on. He can make great Grime music and now needs to show he can do it con

The production is good as it is quite diverse and offers a lot for Manga to work with. Each is individual and won’t get confused with any of the others. While the skits at the end of each song help break it up, it does stop the project being so cohesive.

The lyricism is good with Manga showcasing his skills in a big way. With some good verses and some alright hooks to carry the project through, Manga has given his rhymes plenty of thought and come away with some very effective wordplay. Maybe some changes in flow could show some more variation, but he does a great job on these tracks.

The features are great and are one of the most cohesive elements on here. Each does very well to boost the track they are on and improve this project. Maybe a singer or two could add another dimension but this is still a great listen with these guests.

Overall, this is a great listen to but the skits do not have the longevity that the actual songs do. it is a shame these are attached onto the end of the songs, but it can all still be enjoyed.

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