Yo Gotti – The Art Of Hustle Review

This album is Yo Gotti making more music about what he knows with his same drawl that he always uses. His style and content is becoming stale which is accentuated by his inability to write a hook.

The production has plenty of energy running through it to help the listener enjoy some aspect of this project. There is some diversity in the backings but not enough to stop a lot of the songs sounding very similar. Yo Gotti should look to try some new types of beat so he can continue to stay current in the rap game.

The lyricism is not good with a lot of basic wordplay that allows the rhymes to be forgettable and takes a lot of their impact. More variations in flow would have helped a lot as well as Yo Gotti sounds very mono-tonal as the project goes on. There is plenty of room for improvement on the lyrical side of things.

The features are good as they add the only variation in the whole project. Each may not have the most entertaining verse but they certainly raise the profile of the project as well as bringing fresh voices. Some guests further from the rap genre could have added another dimension.

Overall, this can be enjoyed in the right frame of mind, but is not for everyone. Yo Gotti needs to shake up his formula if he wants to bring in a wider audience.


This album has a lot of great elements that make it good, but in places it does not work as smoothly as hoped. Taking this into account, it is still a very enjoyable piece of work.

The production is less jazzy than you would expect from Statik Selektah but with plenty of his signature sound covering it. A lot of bounce runs through the backing and helps the project keep the energy up. Maybe more of that jazz could help give Statik more of a presence but he does enough to know he crafted the beats.

The lyricism is fantastic from KXNG Crooked. He uses his experience and imagery to paint vivid pictures that make the listeners feel like they are watching it. Maybe a few more changes in flow could make a few more interesting moments, but Crooked does what he knows works well and it works well with the production.

The choice to only have one feature is a good one with only ten tracks. Especially with a new duo, it is important to show the chemistry between the producer and emcee, so not throwing other voices in the mixture is always a solid choice. The one guest does a great job keeping up with Crooked both with pace and lyrically.

Overall, this is an entertaining album from both a great producer and great emcee. Hopefully they can keep working together to make more music that is as good as this.

Future – EVOL Review

This is just more of the same from Future with him just cranking out music that follows the formula he has laid out. He needs to try new things to have any longevity.

The production is good with plenty of energy to push through the fact the listener will have heard similar before. While the bounce helps to make this mildly listen able. More variation would go a long way in showing how Futures abilities have grown.

The lyricism is average with some clever wordplay but most of the rhymes are difficult to understand from the heavy auto-tune being relied for effect. Some effort is put into the lyrical devices but it is not enough to show that Future is better than others making the same kind of music. More emphasis on the rhymes would show a lot of growth.

The choice to have one feature is a double edged sword because it means you get stuck listening to Future and his monotone auto-tune. The one guest does really help to lift the project but one track does not make a project.

Overall, this project is just another expansion pack for the music Future has already released. He needs to start looking for new avenues to broaden his horizons.

Kevin Gates – Islah Review

This album is vintage Kevin Gates with a great mixture of deep emotion and aggression. He keeps this balance well through the whole project with good energy to keep it going.

The production is smooth and has a good level of diversity. The beats are individual and there is no way they are getting mixed up together. There are no real problems with the beat selection here as Kevin has used them to maximum effectiveness.

The lyricism is good as Kevin Gates maximises his imagery with clever wordplay and descriptive ability. He uses his rhymes to really put the pictures into the listeners head and help them connect with the music. Again, there are no real issues with this element of the project.

The features are smart as they all appear on the same track. This means that for most of the project, Kevin Gates can showcase his own abilities without compromising space for others. Each of the guests puts in a lot of effort and the song they are on is fantastic.

Overall, this project is amazing and Kevin Gates should be proud of what he has made here. Without compromising his principles, he has shown a tough and soft side that makes a very balanced album.

Tyga – Rawwwest Alive Review

This project is simply more of the same from Tyga with few forays into new territory. Tyga needs to get out this slump and work on some fresh angles.

The production is good with plenty of energy and scope for content, but not a lot of variation in instruments or even tone. While the songs don’t run into each other, they are not exactly easily distinguishable from one another if Tyga had not rapped over it. Some more effort needed to select more diverse backings.

The lyricism is not bad but could use improvement. Tyga has a style that he does not bend from easily but can become stale as the project goes on, especially with the content staying so similar. More changes in flow and content would go a long way with this project.

The features help tie together the project by adding fresh voices. Each has a good verse which helps raise the quality of the project overall. Again, more diversity could go a long way.

Overall, this is only a great project if you like what Tyga has already made, re imagined in a few new ways. If not, then you may want to look elsewhere for your next listen.

Hoodie Allan – Happy Camper Review

This is a great project because it combines fast paced lyricism with more original sounding instruments instead of machines. Hoodie Allan may not be totally breaking out of the mould, but he is separating himself from the pack.

The production is great with beats that don’t overpower the artist. Each is individual and is actually fairly easy listening despite the pace. Maybe some more variation in the sounds could show that Hoodie Allan can work with more of a range of styles, but he has selected backings he works well over for this track list.

The lyricism is great with Allan using a range of techniques to tell these small personal stories. He weaves clear imagery through clever wordplay that allows a lot of detail to be transferred to the listener. There are no real issues with his lyricism and Hoodie should try and keep this level of quality throughout his future works.

The features add another dimension to this work by being mostly softer or singing guests. Each brings a lot of effort that helps keep this project interesting and cohesive. Some more hard hitting rap features could give more of a balanced project but actually it is nice to hear a slightly softer and more emotional side of rap.

Overall, this is a great project for those who love the art of rap as well as story telling. Hoodie Allan has made a project that is a joy to listen to and he should be commended for it.

G-Unit – The Kanan Tape Review

While this is almost a deluxe release of 50 Cent’s previous mixtape, the choice to include work from Young Buck and Lloyd Banks does add another dimension to the project. An odd choice but not necessarily a bad one.

The production is good with plenty of the gritty sounds that made 50 a success in the first place. The additional tracks all have the signature patterns that built up Young Buck and Lloyd Banks in the first place. All together this helps to make a cohesive project that could have done with a touch more refinement.

The lyricism is good with 50 returning to his grittier roots while keeping the angle of having too much money. The other main artists step up their delivery and complexity to show what they are capable of off the back of this tape. Some more changes in flow could create some more interesting moments, but what they rhyme on this is still great to listen to.

The features all help to make this more cohesive as a project by adding more voices to the view points. Each has a good verse that actually helps to show how G-Unit can work with newer talent as well as each other. Some more singers could help give more variety on this project but 50 takes the brunt of this talent himself with his ability on the hooks.

Overall, this project is definitely made up of three acts. there is 50 cents original Kanan Tape, followed by Young Bucks showing, finished with Lloyd Banks lyrical ability. The next G-Unit project will have all the members on it and they will all show ability like this.