Hoodie Allan – Happy Camper Review

This is a great project because it combines fast paced lyricism with more original sounding instruments instead of machines. Hoodie Allan may not be totally breaking out of the mould, but he is separating himself from the pack.

The production is great with beats that don’t overpower the artist. Each is individual and is actually fairly easy listening despite the pace. Maybe some more variation in the sounds could show that Hoodie Allan can work with more of a range of styles, but he has selected backings he works well over for this track list.

The lyricism is great with Allan using a range of techniques to tell these small personal stories. He weaves clear imagery through clever wordplay that allows a lot of detail to be transferred to the listener. There are no real issues with his lyricism and Hoodie should try and keep this level of quality throughout his future works.

The features add another dimension to this work by being mostly softer or singing guests. Each brings a lot of effort that helps keep this project interesting and cohesive. Some more hard hitting rap features could give more of a balanced project but actually it is nice to hear a slightly softer and more emotional side of rap.

Overall, this is a great project for those who love the art of rap as well as story telling. Hoodie Allan has made a project that is a joy to listen to and he should be commended for it.

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