Tyga – Rawwwest Alive Review

This project is simply more of the same from Tyga with few forays into new territory. Tyga needs to get out this slump and work on some fresh angles.

The production is good with plenty of energy and scope for content, but not a lot of variation in instruments or even tone. While the songs don’t run into each other, they are not exactly easily distinguishable from one another if Tyga had not rapped over it. Some more effort needed to select more diverse backings.

The lyricism is not bad but could use improvement. Tyga has a style that he does not bend from easily but can become stale as the project goes on, especially with the content staying so similar. More changes in flow and content would go a long way with this project.

The features help tie together the project by adding fresh voices. Each has a good verse which helps raise the quality of the project overall. Again, more diversity could go a long way.

Overall, this is only a great project if you like what Tyga has already made, re imagined in a few new ways. If not, then you may want to look elsewhere for your next listen.

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