Future – EVOL Review

This is just more of the same from Future with him just cranking out music that follows the formula he has laid out. He needs to try new things to have any longevity.

The production is good with plenty of energy to push through the fact the listener will have heard similar before. While the bounce helps to make this mildly listen able. More variation would go a long way in showing how Futures abilities have grown.

The lyricism is average with some clever wordplay but most of the rhymes are difficult to understand from the heavy auto-tune being relied for effect. Some effort is put into the lyrical devices but it is not enough to show that Future is better than others making the same kind of music. More emphasis on the rhymes would show a lot of growth.

The choice to have one feature is a double edged sword because it means you get stuck listening to Future and his monotone auto-tune. The one guest does really help to lift the project but one track does not make a project.

Overall, this project is just another expansion pack for the music Future has already released. He needs to start looking for new avenues to broaden his horizons.

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