Prodigy – Untitled EP Review

This EP is actually an impressive blend of EDM and tough raps. Prodigy is one of the more successful crossovers to do this because he doesn’t try and keep pace with the backing and simply stays himself.

The production is interesting with the pace up and the instruments being more of a focal point. Each could hold their own as an EDM track and are plenty entertaining. It will be interesting to see if this style will make an impression in Hip Hop.

The lyricism is great, where used. Prodigy keeps his skills sharp and demonstrates that on each track. He may not be filling the songs with rhymes, but when he uses his voice, it always helps and doesn’t sound out of place. He works well with this style of music and hopefully he will continue to work with it.

Overall, this is an enjoyable EP of a relatively fresh crossover style. Prodigy should be commended for putting out his first attempt out and for having such entertaining songs.

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