Joe Budden – Rage & The Machine Review

This album is the album fans have been waiting for. Joe Budden does some of his finest work on this project with something for all Hip Hop fans and none of which disappoints.

The production is clean but brutal which works well with Joe Budden pouring his emotions into the tracks. There is a range of styles and influences on the beats that help reflect the topics discussed throughout the release. Budden has chosen beats that not only he raps well over, but that also help emphasise the point of the track.

The lyricism is fantastic as expected from one quarter of one of the most lyrical rap groups of the modern age. The imagery is more than impressive with detail in his metaphors and similes helping to paint a vivid picture for the listener. There is no doubt on each song how Budden feels unless he himself doesn’t know which would be reflected in the rhymes.

The features are good and don’t stop the project feeling cohesive. Each does a great job showing their own skills while also pushing the main artist to do more in their own work. Where a guest is featured however, these songs have a tendency to run long, like Joe doesn’t want to give up any of his own time, and while this isn’t true in all cases, he may want to look at keeping the songs consistent and balanced.

Overall, this level of project has been a long time coming from Joe Budden and fans have finally got the album from him that they feel he deserves to make. Hopefully he will continue on this path with any future releases.

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