Gensu Dean – RAW Review

This is a strong album, not because it is full of pop style songs, but because it doesn’t compromise on what it is supposed to be. Gensu Dean makes the music he wants to make and his confidence shines through this release.

The production is excellent, with the tracks being smooth and cohesive without merging. There are definite breaks between songs, but with the momentum carrying all the way through. There are no issues here with the production as each track not only has its own atmosphere but contributes to the feel of the project as a whole, to great effect.

The features are all effective with a variation of flows and styles to keep a full listen through interesting. With the diversity of the different voices and styles, the tracks don’t get boring and each has a more unique feel then hearing the same thing over and over. A good selection of guests picked by Gensu Dean help keep this a great listen.

Overall, this project is a great reveal to the hip hop community of a producer who has worked hard with a lot of talent to get himself where he is. If Gensu Dean continues to make consistent music like this, he is going to become a lot more famous than he is now.

YG – Red Friday Review

This is an enjoyable place holder from YG but it doesn’t reach the heights of his previous releases. However, it is a good reminder that YG is still a strong presence in hip hop.

The production is pure modern west coast, with plenty of bounce and rhythm to pull the momentum through. There is no doubting the energy in this but maybe it could do with some more slow songs for more impacting messages. On the other hand, YG knows what he works well with as on this selection he makes some good music to bump to.

The lyricism is not the most complex but the variations in flow and delivery help to create tracks that are memorable and catchy. YG sticks to his roots with content as there is less political charge in this release. He does a great job but it is a shame to see him being less of a voice of the people and growing slower as an artist.

Overall, this is entertaining for the listener, if a little bit of a rehash of older songs. YG has had a strong year and will hopefully continue to speak out for others as he has on songs in the past.

P Money -Live & Direct Review

This is a fun release from P Money because despite some of the more emotional content, the way it is crafted keeps plenty of momentum going. P does well to have such diverse content in these conditions.

The production is much more electronic than other releases but helps to show that P Money is willing to try new things and explore the world of music more. Each is individual and yet cohesive to the others so that a full listen through doesn’t become work. The experiment with these kinds of beats have worked well and it will be interesting how P develops further in the future.

The lyricism is good with a strong delivery helping to bolster the performance. Solid wordplay as well as variation of flows helps make this entertaining as well as allowing the rhymes to land home hard. This is a great showing by P Money as he should continue to develop as an artist and put out music like this, but maybe a little less repetition in the hooks.

The features are good too as they have some strong performances as well as Money bringing up some newer talent too. Each showcases their own abilities and helps to make this the cohesive project that it is. Possibly a little more singing could help but this is still a great selection.

Overal, this is a fun and enigmatic album that should have some serious success. P Money should get more attention from audiences with this release.

Lil Uzi Vert And Gucci Mane – 1017 Vs The World Review

This project is a strange release because it isn’t very long but is not as cohesive as would be expected. Both the artists do their thing but it doesn’t grab the listener the way some of their solo releases have.

The production is strong with some very memorable beats from some strong talent. Each is strong, with similarities to each other but without being confused for one another. Both the artists usually use these type of beats so something further from their comfort zone would be an interesting mix.

The lyricism is not great but the performance factor helps to improve the rhymes. While there is some wordplay, it isn’t intended to be a main focus here as they rely more on delivery to be the biggest factor. Some more complicated rhymes might open this up to a wider audience.

Overall, this is an entertaining release because of the energy and vibrant nature of the music. However it has no longevity and some evolution of the artists may keep them making money.

Fetty Wap – Zoovier Review

This is a lot more of the same from Fetty Wap, which is a shame because he could have used his quick gotten fame to grow as an artist, but has settled into a rut of formula music instead. He can still make catchy tracks, but how long until people realise it is the same track over and over.

The production is all energetic and bouncy, but becomes stale over the course of nineteen tracks. While if you picked a handful, it would be good music to exercise to, it becomes mere noise in the background because there are so many similarities between the beats. Some more variety in the selection would go a long way.

The lyricism is good at first, but it soon seems to become a paint by numbers scenario. Fetty Wap doesn’t use complex wordplay, but seems to rely on his delivery and autotune to make an impact. Some improvement in his rhymes might open his releases to a larger audience.

The guests help break up the autotune of Wap but are still similar to him in rhyme style. Some help elevate the level of wordplay, but still seems to rely on the beats and performance factor. It is a shame but seems to be the direction the rap game is headed in.

Overall, this is good if you can pick out a few you enjoy, but so much of it is filler music and it goes on for so long, that it is not always an enjoyable listen through. Hopefully Fetty Wap can break out of his comfort zone to make some more interesting music.

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble – Veteran Review

This is a solid showing of skills from both members of this duo. Tone Chop brings bars on the rhyme side and Frost Gamble brings some heat on the boards.

The production is entertaining with a haunting feeling but with a more filling aspect. The backings leave plenty of room for the rappers to manoeuvre. Maybe something with higher energy would help to balance this project out slightly, but hopefully this is only a taster of whats to come, so maybe they will do something more in the future.

The lyricism is good with the rhymes having some complex wordplay and schemes to make them more entertaining. The delivery is quite shout rap like, which has been slightly overplayed, sounds a little dry but with some more confidence could have more impact. Tone Chop can write great rhymes, but needs a little more belief in his performance ability.

Overall, with the features helping to make this cohesive and showing their own skills, this is a good taster for what could transpire, hopefully as soon as next year. Both Tone Chop and Frost Gamble show a lot of skill as well as potential, and should continue to grow as individual and a group.

Chevy Woods – Gang Shit Only Review

This is another project about generic gang life without much personal addition from the artist. Chevy woods makes this entertaining enough, but it is not a great release.

The production is good with plenty of energy to move things along, but no backing that particularly breaks out from the rest. Each song has the correct atmosphere for the content but seems formulaic on a full listen through. While some beats may be worth a revisit but that is up to your individual taste.

The lyricism is alright with some clever moments, but mostly focusing on his delivery and subject matter. While there is complex wordplay involved there isn’t enough to say this is a lyrical offering. A little more effort on the rhymes could go a long way.

The features are good as they help break up the monotony of one voice. Each does a good job to flesh out the tracks while showing their own skills. A few more singers would bring a little more depth, but the rappers still do good work.

Overall, this is a bit of a disappointing release from Chevy Woods, but should not be discarded straight away. If you enjoy the type of music that is being pumped out, then this could still be worth a try.

Joe Grind – Grind Harder EP Review

This project is a good introduction to Joe Grind for those who haven’t heard him before and a small delve into his deeper self for those who do. However while showing that he is still working, it does sound like a little repetitive of other artists out there right now.

The production is good with plenty of thump to keep the listener engaged. Each beat creates the emotional atmosphere that Joe explores on a lot of these tracks but can override him in places. Maybe a few softer backings could bring a little more balance but Grind does a good job with what he selected here.

The lyricism is good and is effective at getting his message across. His delivery shows him as a definite London rapper but struggles to break free of the mould. Maybe a little more experimentation could help to increase his appeal to a wider audience. Also, for a five track EP, this had a fair few guests on it taking up room Grind could use to showcase himself more.

Overall, with the guests all doing a good job of their own contributions, this is a good EP from one of London’s own. It does show plenty of room for growth but also a drive and want to improve which should lead to great things in the future.

808INK – Hungry Review

This project is interesting because it doesn’t appear to fall into any particular sub-genre of rap. There are some clear influences but also a drive to be something different from everyone else.

The production is amazing with a good amount of kicking bass to keep the project rolling. It definitely isn’t grime and is not your traditional UK hip hop but is energetic and enjoyable. It is refreshing to see a group try to do something different from everyone else without needing to use crazy and unappealing noises.

The lyricism is clever without going over peoples heads. The rhymes can get lost a little in the bass but the annunciation is clear to assist in the understanding.  This is a good performance and there are no slacking verses, but maybe a little more changes in flow and pace would help show a more complete ability.

The features are good and help keep this project cohesive with new voices. Each does a good job showing their own skills and giving comparison points between themselves and the group. The guests might be a bit more balanced with some more singers, but there is a good selection here.

Overall, this is a great showing from a group trying to be different and individual, carving a path for themselves. Lets hope the infrastructure is available in the hip hop music industry to allow this talented group to come into the public eye.

Termanology -More Politics Review

This release is a fantastic showcase of Termanology’s skills. He deftly makes songs that speak to the audience as well as explore his personal experience.

The production is great with a lot of different influences coming together to make easy flowing beats. There is plenty of variation to explore the different content while not being one long mess. Some more traditional instruments might make some more songs to appeal to a wider audience, but Termanology has a great selection here.

The lyricism is obviously great and Termanology shows why he is considered a top lyricist. His differentiation in flow and pace helps keep this interesting and cohesive. there are no issues with his performance on this and should continue in this vein.

The features do a great job of filling out the tracks. Each puts in a great verse or hook that keeps the tracks feeling fresh while showing Termanology’s connections in the rap world. There is a good balance of singing and rapping between the guests which really helps this release.

Overall, this is an entertaining and thought provoking piece of work that audiences should enjoy. Termanology has put together a release to give his point of view and should make some sales while doing it.