Yelawolf – Hotel Review

This mixtape has a flavour of the debut album Yelawolf in it, but with the maturity and sense of having a handle on things that he displayed on his second. in short, Yelawolf has shown growth on this mixtape that should sit well with all of his fans who hear it.

The production is hard hitting, but with a country theme. Yelawolf plays off his background and picks beats that use more traditional instruments to create songs that are easy listening but also engaging. If there were a few more tracks, maybe we would see a little more variation, but this is a great starter for what is hopefully to come.

The lyricism is clever and punchy, with the flow emphasising the words. When he raps, Yelawolf hits hard and while his delivery is important, his rhymes are complex and should bring in the lyrical purist crowd. Maybe a touch more variation in pace could improve the project, but it is all effective in making enjoyable music.

Overall, This is an entertaining mixtape that will help to tide over Yelawolf fans until the next full length release. Hopefully it will be in the same vein of this.

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